Fool’s Gold

The use of 22 ct gold leaf in this work serves to enhance the glass’s refractive qualities, allowing light to bounce around its interior. The gilded side has been changed into something resembling a large gold nugget elevating the glass from mundane to dramatic but it begs the question: What is the significance behind this transformation when the thin layer of gold itself holds little intrinsic value?

The expression ‘gilding the lily’ is a misquote from Shakespeare “To gild refined gold, to paint the lily…is wasteful and ridiculous excess” in other words, don’t embellish where embellishment is unnecessary.

My work examines the way that tradition, custom and societal pressure shape our sense of self. Brexit, lockdown and austerity has prompted a more outwardly political approach to this investigation. She is currently exploring themes around social injustice and equality and this work reflects upon the current warped political discourse on these themes.

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