Experimental Work

I have been working on some experimental pieces following my Verre Eglomise masterclass with Pippa Stacey Verre Eglomise is the practice of glass leafing on glass. It can be combined with glass painting or image making directly into the surface of the leaf.

For a long while I have been wanting to work with big chunks of glass and I have been experimenting with various types of leaf to bring out the beauty of the glass and the gilded surface.

The image above shows small pieces of glass with silver, gold and copper leaf. These were my first sample pieces and a long way from being perfect but they definitely made me want to continue down this path.

The images below show the next piece I worked on which was a large piece of glass with copper gilding. I am pleased with these results so far. Watch this space for further developments!

I have also been using some dalles (large slabs of glass) combined with gilding and painting. You can see the results here.

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