Silken Thread

‘Silken Thread’ consists of six fused and painted glass plaques woven together with red thread. The women and girls represent all womanhood and the silken thread, that which binds us together in our shared experience.

Historically women have had to deal with experiences like the glass ceiling, mansplaining, street harassment etc. Lately, the #metoo movement has now highlighted the widespread prevalence of sexual violence towards women and empowered individuals to raise and speak about their experiences. It is a movement that is driven by empathy and solidarity between women – who are joined by the silken thread of common experience.

The female figures in the piece watch and challenge the viewer and remind them that an attack on one is an attack on all. It will not be forgotten, indeed it will be challenged and action taken.

The style of the painted plaques are intended to look like watercolour illustrations and are deliberately loosely painted. For me, this is a continuing exploration of technique and a development in my personal glass painting style.

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