A dilemma – where to go now??

I have just finished my piece for an exhibition called Past Futures – to be held at Gatehouse Arts which is the gallery attached to my studios in the centre of Harlow. My piece, Town Centre, features figures I see around town and some of the other elements are inspired by the architecture in the town centre. I loved designing and making it but now it’s finished, what next?

Town Centre by Muna Zuberi

I’ve got really interested in doing more 3D mosaic pieces – I love the way the colours overlap and that I can make a free standing piece that doesn’t have to be architectural. Should this be what I do next?

Trouble is, I need to pay the studio rent so perhaps I should be pursuing some more architectural commissions? Perhaps I should be doing more promotion on Thunder Glass – my fused glass jewellery business? I would also love to make more use of my kiln (Big Bertha!) to develop my glass painting. I also feel like I need to be exhibiting more – get my work out there. There’s also the social media challenge – a full time job in itself . *sigh* WHAT NEXT??

This is the problem I face at the end of every project. What to concentrate on next. I have no method to what I choose – something seems to rise to the top of the heap and I go with it. Perhaps, I need to be a bit more methodical in where I’m heading? What do you think?