Brain of Britain – work in progress


A quick snap of a detail of my latest piece – Brain of Britain – still a work in progress as eventually it will be a light box. I designed this piece in the immediate aftermath of the Brexit referendum. I was reflecting on the myriad of views being expressed – how, when there were only two possible choices, people were coming to their voting decision. We can never truly know what it’s like to be in another persons head – the thought processes that lead you to a decision. Some people might start with a very singular view – for instance immigration – and all their other decisions flow from that central thought. Others might consider two or three central themes equally and link those together to come to their decision. Others might go with a gut feeling that grows into conviction. They might be an angry individual and that colours all their judgements or they could be an optimist. I thought about the mass of different brains thinking through this yes/no decision and this is my response. I can only know how I came to my own decision so this piece represents how I imagine all those other brains working.