Muna Zuberi

I am a glass artist and make glass mosaics, architectural and art stained glass, glass painting, drawing as well as fused glass jewellery which I sell on my own ecommerce site Thunder Glass.

If you are interested in having some stained glass made – architectural, domestic or art pieces or glass painting or simply want to find out more, please do not hesitate to get in touch. My contact details are on the Contact page or you will find all my social media pages below.



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Featured Artwork

Only Happy Round the Edges – stained glass mosaic panel.
This piece is based on the Happiness and Wellbeing data published following a survey carried out by the governemnt. The range of data available at the time of making (2013) was 2006 – 2010. The map shows the 2006 figures in colour coded form. The figures for 2010 are overlaid on a second layer of glass – showing the changes in the data. Red/orange is unhappy – yellow, neutral and green is happy. I decided to call it ‘Only Happy Round the Edges’. This is almost true – the only place in central London that got happier over the years of the survey was the City of London – go figure, eh?? See more mosaics in the Glass Mosaics gallery.